By Delia / Last update January 12, 2022

Since the introduction of Windows 11, one of the widely criticized problems is that the redesigned UI makes some operations cumbersome, such as the context menu, taskbar and File Explorer. Now Microsoft is finally going to make up for its shortcomings on Windows 11 by improving the system's File Explorer performance.

windows 11

In the newly released Windows 11 Build 22526 preview update, Microsoft has further improved the performance of File Explorer. In this preview version File Explorer will be able to index more file locations. In other words, users will be able to find important files quickly and the overall experience will be faster.

Microsoft finally makes up for its shortcomings: Windows 11 is more efficient and improves the performance of File Explorer

File Explorer search uses Windows Search to build an index and provide users with a fast file search. Other features, including Cortana Assistant, use the same index.

By default, Windows indexes important locations, such as the Start menu folder and the Users folder, so it can return your apps or downloads in the search results.

This also covers your personal files, which include the Desktop, Pictures, Music, and Videos folders, where your images are stored by default. Sometimes it can be particularly difficult to find certain files using the search box in File Explorer, even though it uses the same search engine as the Start menu or Windows Search.

As part of an effort to improve overall system performance, Microsoft has also done some work to reduce crashes in Explorer.exe when using the search box.