The third episode: What happened to Sunny’s iPhone?

Sunny Stuart

In Monroe, Louisiana, U.S.A.

Video Introduction

Explanation: Thanks to Sunny Stuart, from Monroe, la. USA, share us her story about data security. She also gives us the speech text, so that more people could read her story. Thanks, Sunny!

Read the Story

My name is Sunny. I live in Monroe, la. U.S.A. i am 41 yrs old. In Feb. 2014 I owned an Iphone 5c, pink through Verizon. 

I started noticing that my phone settings not only were different then I kept them, some had changed colors from blue to gray & when I tried to reset them they would change themselves in front of my eyes. Then whenever i would attempt to log into my accounts I was told info didn’t match & I wasn't me. When started happening on all my devices, desktop, ect. I started to worry.

I called Verizon & was told that (at the time) iphones couldn’t get infected by virus' unless jail broken, mine was not, and that there had to be another cause, computer guy told me same thing I must have downloaded something or faulty software. All leaving me feeling even crazier because I KNEW something other than me was doing it, but Who?? Creepy feeling. Only thing told could try was total wipe, clean & reinstallation of softwares on all devices & networks. Did all of those, even had Verizon swap sims cards when they reset phone. I lost a lot of stuff not knowing where problem came from, not to mention the tension of not knowing who, what, when, where & why.

No one should just be able to invade my personal life like that. I ran across an article 6 to 8 mo after this that was discussing something called "Wirelurker" a sneaky virus that they were finally admitting not only infected UN-JAILBROKEN IPHONES, it spreads through anything u connectected your Iphone to including network and beyond!!! I almost heard Angels singing, I was SO GLAD to FINALLY have possible answer that made sense. Because what they described was pretty good match to what I experienced. I no longer nor will I ever own iphone again and sadly I doubt I ever really feel very safe from invaders of my non-optional electronic life.

That’s my story of data security. Stay safe. Peace

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