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"My Story with Data Security" Collecting and Get the 1298 USD AOMEI Products.

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Now, AOMEI is collecting the story about "My Story with Data Security" for public. No matter who you are, what work you do, everyone can participate in "My Story with Data Security" activity as long as you have a story about data security and want to share it with others. We start to collect related videos of data security today.

"My Story with Data Security" is a video that I want to record all the things in the data security world such as data protection, data loss and data rescue stories. Please take a video to record the blood & tears as well as the advice & solution of the data security with the lens. 

You can use a mobile phone or video recording device to record any data security story and submit it to "My Story with Data Security". As long as you can tell your story completely, the time is not limited but 5-10 minutes is the best. When we receive your video, as the reward, we would like to give you AOMEI prodcuts. If your video were verified and uploaded to AOMEI official website, you will receive 1298 USD products including one AOMEI Backupper Technician Plus and one AOMEI OneKey Recovery Technician. In addition, we are also willing to provide other AOMEI products for you. 

What's more, the most important thing is that your valuable video will help many people and will do the certainly contribution to data security. Because AOMEI is always keeping global data safer. As you know, we have a large number of users worldwide so that your story will be seen by more and more people through us. Work together with AOMEI, through this activity, it is certain that some people will become celebrities with a large number of loyal fans in the backup industry and even the IT industry.

All who want to participate in "My Stories with Data Security" activity, please send the shot video or brief introduction of the data security story to AOMEI: [email protected]

Thanks for all your support on AOMEI.


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