Provide Data Insurance Services to Keep Global Data Safer

What is Data Insurance

Who We Are

Life risks are insured by purchasing insurance. The same as life, data can also be insured by data insurance. AOMEI has been devoted to global data insurance with the mission of "Always Keep Global Data Safer". We provide data insurance by delivering "data backup" products. Founded in 2010, AOMEI has been endeavoring for 14 years protecting users data against loss.

Just like risks in life, the risks of data are everywhere. How do you deal with risks in life? Purchasing insurance - you may already think about that. People can achieve certain compensation through reparations for risks in life, but can hardly take back the lost part. The same as life, data can also be insured - be backed up. And compared to personal insurance, backup is capable to restore your data to its previous integrity, while it is not likely to be accomplished by data recovery.

AOMEI is just a “Data Insurance Company". We offer insurance for your data by providing “data backup" products. Founded in 2010, AOMEI has been endeavored for 14 years keeping users' data from loss. With the mission of “Always keep global data safer". AOMEI has core R&D abilities in data backup and restoration as well as many patent technologies through accumulation over years.

In order to enable more people to enjoy data insurance services, it is our consistent insistence to provide high-quality free products. In order to meet the needs of diverse users, it is our responsibility to develop business-level professional products. As time goes by, AOMEI is favored by more and more users around the world from United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Italy and other more than 180 countries and regions. In addition to personal and SME customers, our clients include universities, IT organizations, and top 500 companies such as Lenovo and McDonald's. Our star product - AOMEI Backupper has been well received by millions of users around the world. With support, we will continue to improve our products to protect your data from loss, making your data safer and let you enjoy a better life.

AOMEI Mission, Vision and Values

Our Values

Users First - Users are the ones on whom our livelihood depends and the presenter of AOMEI values.

Honesty - Those who are not trust-worthy will achieve nothing; those businesses without honest will not succeed.

Respect - The first important thing of managing human relations is respecting others.

Responsibility - How much of the responsibility would you lay is the degree to how great is the success.

What We Do

Backup Service

AOMEI BackupperHOT
Focus on System Backup and Cloning
The Easiest iPhone Backup manager.
AOMEI Centralized Backupper
Centrally backup all your data.
AOMEI OneKey Recovery
One key to backup and restore system.

Partition Manager

AOMEI Partition Assistant
Tap into the disk potential and manage partitions efficiently

What We Focus On

Our Awesome Team

AOMEI Awards

  • Wins Primary in "Best free backup software"

  • Well-designed app that's the easiest to use.

  • The safe software to protect your system and files against ransomware.

  • The simplest FREE PC backup, sync and clone software.

  • The easiest I've used in a backup program.

  • The most powerful and capable freeware disk partition utility we've tried.

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