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Brief Introduction

AOMEI Technology is an up-and-coming software developer that majors in backup & restore, hard disk & partitions management and cloud files transfer. In 2009, the first program - Dynamic Disk Converter - was launched. Since then, AOMEI has been exploring soft field day and night. AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI Partition Assistant were published then, and they are popular all over the world, and have helped multiple users including enterprises, colleges, government sectors, institutions, IT agents, individuals, commercial users, etc. Now AOMEI products are widely used all over the world, like USA, UK, China, Italy, France, Germany, Singapore, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, India, etc. At the same time, AOMEI has built a mature framework for less than three years of development, with inde-pendent and elite team of research and development, testing, marketing, website, customer service, administrative & hr etc.
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AOMEI [əu, meɪ]

This is a word that is integrated with two Chinese words pronunciation. AO means Proud, and represents that AOMEI will be proud of you and your satisfaction. All staffs in AOMEI want you to be proud to have AOMEI products. As for MEI, it is a plum blossom, which blooms in winter. It is extremely remarkable in snow. MEI is a symbol of persistence and bravery. This spirit was, and is, even will be inspiring all stuffs in AOMEI to make progress in the filed of Technology and try the best to let all people around the world benefit from AOMEI products.

AOMEI Mission, Vision and Values

Our Values

What is value? The most important thing we think is our value. Commonly we think that affection and love as well as the careers and reputations are very important, which is normal human nature. For dealing with what the most important thing we think perfectly or endowing our values with profoundness, we need to see the essence of values that are honesty, respect and responsibility. For company, the users first value is paramount to all others. That is to say, No users, No company.

  1. Users first: Users are the ones on whom our livelihood depends and the presenter of the company values.
  2. Honesty: Those who are not trust-worthy will achieve nothing; those businesses without honest will not success.
  3. Respect: The first important thing of managing human relation is respecting others.
  4. Responsibility: How much of the responsibility would you lay is the degree to that how great is the success.

AOMEI Products

There are many free or charged tools for AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI Partition Assistant. More Tools >>


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