The fourth episode: AOMEI keep up the good work


Vernon BC, Canada

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Explanation: Thanks to a Alan, from Vernon BC Canada, share us his story about data security. He also gives us the speech text, so that more people could read her story. Thanks, Alan!

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My name is Alan from Vernon BC Canada. I have been intrigued with computers for 20 years now.

When I first got a pc I knew nothing about them, the pc I got was loaded with spyware, malware etc. I learnt how to disinfect and clean it. Since then I Have bought every backup and partition antivirus malware software. None of these backup and partition software compare to AOMEI software.

I help seniors in my town for free or whomever as I feel God wants me to. AOMEI has never let me down I recommend it to all. Last month I did something to my photography computer and it would not boot. I first tried the one of two {ACrTI} and had problems then I used my AOEMI boot media and it restored, it boot, and all 100% just like I had imaged it. Happy am, I will use my Tech+ edition to help all.

AOMEI keep up the good work. God Bless all!!!! Alan.

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