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AOMEI Backupper

Reliable Windows backup software to safeguard operating system, data and applications using backup, restore or clone feature.

Keep Your Data Safe with AOMEI Backupper

Designed for Windows operating system users, both PCs (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11 ) and Servers (Windows server 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, etc.), to keep OS and files on computers safe and backed-up. AOMEI Backupper is embedded with backup, restore, and cloning features to make itself complete and professional windows backup software.

Once disaster strikes, for example, system crashes, one can quickly and easily restore computer to normal state. As image deployment tool, deploying system to dissimilar hardware is also available.

Cloning features of AOMEI Backupper help a lot in migrating operating system or upgrading hard drive and ensure success boot.

AOMEI Backupper Products List

For Home Use

For Small and Mid-size Business

For Enterprises & MSP


Every edition has its own features, if you want to know the detailed difference on every version, you can visit edition comparison of AOMEI Backupper.


Why Choose AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI is a data insurance company that has been devoted to providing reliable, smart, easy data backup and disaster recovery solutions for home and business users since 2010.

Centralized, Easy Backup Solution for Business


AOMEI Cyber Bakcup

Cross-Platform business backup and recovery software to protect data of VMs (VMware and Hyper-V), physical machines (Windows PCs & Servers) and MSSQL databases.

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Awards & Reviews

While you're at it, maybe grab today's bonus deal (the hard drive) and then start using AOMEI Backupper, a complete backup utility that's "specially designed to protect your system and files against ransomware."

AOMEI Backupper has all the necessary tools for easily backing up and estoring files and folders, the operating system, custom partitions, or the entire disk. It provides a one-click backup solution for your system partition or disk.

The interface prioritizes the backup and restoration processes, and provides little room for user error, making it one of the easiest apps to use. While the backup and restore speeds were above average, and the compression rate was the best in our tests. Overall, this is an excellent PC backup app.

John C. Clark

I have AOMEI Backupper Professional and use it for years. It works quickly, easily and dependably on whole drive backups; best backup software, better than any backup product I have used since the early 80’s; I am an old retired programmer.

Anonymer Benutzer

Easy to handle. Once set up, the backup runs quickly and reliably. Very useful for people like me who is always forget to back up crucial files on time. Very nice tool for beginners.

Preston Lunkenbill

Worked great! A friend told me about AOMEI, said "you will love it". What an understatement. Great product. I will promote your product to everyone I talk about.

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