As a responsible and trusting software producer, AOMEI acknowledges that wonderful products shall be shared with our customers.

Nowadays our products are mainly distributed through the Internet. If your products are safe and useful,we would like to recommend them to our customers.

Or if you would like to share AOMEI products to your users and help us with physical distribution and promotion, kindly let us know.

How to recommend partner software?

AOMEI will recommend your software with the best way. If your products will help our customers to solve more problem, we would like to recommend your solid product in the following way.

Why choose AOMEI?

As you know, AOMEI products are trusted by over 20,000,000 users worldwide. If you have solid product with free price or at a good price point for our users, and if you would like to share world leading AOMEI products to your customers, please email [email protected] to contact us now.

  • Hundreds of millions of users
  • Worldwide usage
  • High website traffic
  • A huge amount of installation

Explore Our Partner Programs

AOMEI Technology also provides several other kinds of partner programs for you to choose