AOMEI products are trusted by over 20,000,000 users all over the world. As a part of your product, AOMEI products will create a higher value compelling solution. If you are system builder, software publisher and hardware manufacture, integrating AOMEI products can help your customers to solve problems and also you will get fast ROI.

Three Types of Integration

Benefits of Integrating AOMEI Products

Notes: If you integrate AOMEI products, there are other important benefits.
Save money for your customer
If your customers need AOMEI products, they can contact AOMEI to get some discounts.
Get up to 40% commissions
Customers upgrade the software from your product directly, we would like to give you commission from every sale.
Get more profits as AOMEI reseller
You have the opportunity to be AOMEI reseller to resell AOMEI other advanced products.

Software Integration Partnerships we select

Kentimais an industrial hardware manufacturer. Its product manager write to us that we are interested in if you have a solution for image recovery and backup that can be distributed on a bootable USB stick together with an industrial computer. Quite a lot of our customers are asking for a solution on a bootable USB stick that can also be used by them to create their own backups of the completely installed system with their own software and settings on a computer. Since these are industrial computers, most of the time there is no room for a recovery partition on the main SSDs, they can be as small as 16Gb.

AOMEI does suggest Kentima to integrate AOMEI Backupper to the laptops and desktops. They also can create the bootable media with AOMEI Backupper and then sell the machines with the USB to their customers. They are very happy, because this help them to solve the problem and it is free to them. And the most important thing is that they get many profit and this boost their sales.

AOMEI are proud to be partner with such kind of industry leaders. Integrating AOMEI products to the software or hardware, you are able to provide additional value to your customers. We appreciate every one of these relationships and work hard to ensure that each of our partners receive great value from our cooperation.

How to integrate AOMEI software quickly?

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