FAQs for Installation and Registration

Invalid license code

If you receive the message “Invalid license code”, please follow the steps below to check the problem.

  • Check if you are using the key to activate the corresponding edition. For instance, Pro license code supports to activate Pro edition only.
  • Check if there’s any typo in the license code you entered. To avoid this, We suggest to simply copy and paste it.
  • Please don't leave any spaces in the registration box. And please make sure the internet connection is stable.

How to Retrieve License Code

Usually, you will immediately receive the license code and download link by email from MyCommerce (Digital River) after the order has been completed and if you did not receive the email or somehow lose your license code, you can try to retrieve the license code via: https://admin.mycommerce.com/app/cs/lookup

If you have any problems or suggestions, please be free to contact us.