By Delia / Last update January 26, 2022

WinRAR has just received a major update that brings many changes for Windows users. The first one to be introduced is that WinRAR 6.10 offers full support for the new Windows 11 right-click menu. The development team explained that Microsoft changed the file explorer in the new system and they had to follow and adapt.

wirnar 6.10

If the Cascading Context Menu is enabled under the General Settings tab, WinRAR 6.10 will also be able to "tuck" it away in the new Windows 11 context menu, instead of spreading it out like the old one.

Furthermore, even if the Cascading Context Menu is removed, WinRAR 6.10 will only show an "Extract" command for a zip archive or an "Archive" command for a normal file by default on Windows 11. "Archive" command for a normal file.

add to archieve

Until then, users who want to see the classic right-click menu options in File Explorer on Windows 11 will have to tap "Show more options" once (or use the Shift + F10 key combination).

Finally, with the release of WinRAR 6.10, RARLab also dropped continued support for Windows XP. As an operating system released in 2001, Microsoft officially abandoned it back in April 2014.

And the older operating systems that can currently install the latest version of WinRAR have become Windows Vista.