By Delia / Last update February 21, 2022

Last year when Microsoft launched Windows 11 system, TPM security module and Intel 8 generation Core/AMD Raider 2 generation and above hardware requirements sparked dissatisfaction among netizens, which raised the threshold for system use, and now it seems that Microsoft is planning to continue to push this standard down, and the next version of Windows Server system will be the same.

windows server

Microsoft released the Windows Server vNEXT Build 25057 system a few days ago, which is the Windows 11 version of the LTSC Long Term Service Edition system and currently being tested. When users install this version, they find that the system prompts hardware compatibility issues, one of the most important being support for TPM and one being CPU compatibility (Intel 8th generation Core/AMD Raider 2 and above).

This is not surprising, because Windows Server vNEXT Build 25057 is based on the Windows 11 system development, the hardware requirements are the same normal. According to the Windows 11 system, users should also be able to bypass these restrictions to force the installation of the system, but this may also lead to some updates cannot be upgraded, as well as security features do not work. Microsoft itself is not happy to see the substandard system upgrade the new system.

The good thing is that the new Windows Server system is still 2 years away from the final release, so hopefully by then the user's equipment will be up to standard.