By Delia / Last update March 4, 2022

Microsoft has released Windows Server Preview Build 25066, which is a new build of the next Windows Server Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) Preview that contains both the Desktop Experience and Server Core installation options for Datacenter and Standard editions.

The branding in this preview has not been updated and still appears as Windows Server 2022, but please refer to VNext when reporting issues.

windows server 2022

How to download Windows Server Preview Build 25066

1. Insiders can go to the download page on Microsoft's website to download the Windows Server ISO.

2. Expand the menu below "Microsoft Server Previews".

3. Select "Windows Server VNext Preview ISO - Build 25066" and click "Confirm".

4. Select the language and "Confirm" again, then click "Download Now".

download windows server vnext 25066 iso

*Please select the language that corresponds to "Settings" > "Language".

Keys (valid for preview builds only)

Server Standard: MFY9F-XBN2F-TYFMP-CCV49-RMYVH

Datacenter: 2KNJJ-33Y9H-2GXGX-KMQWH-G6H67

Symbols: Available on the public symbol server

Expiration: This Windows Server Preview will expire September 15, 2022.

Terms of use

This is pre-release software - it is provided for use "as-is" and is not supported in production environments. Users are responsible for installing any updates that may be made available from Windows Update. All pre-release software made available to you via the Windows Server Insider program is governed by the Insider Terms of Use.