By Delia / Last update March 9, 2022

As one of Microsoft's most popular systems, Windows 7 has been released for 13 years, and mainstream support and extended support has expired in early 2020, but Microsoft is not completely ignoring Windows 7 updates.

windows 7

The second Tuesday of February is Microsoft's patch update day, and this time Microsoft brings new security updates to both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, numbered KB5011552 and KB5011564, which mainly provide some system error resolution and security updates that are more meaningful to enterprise users than regular users.

windows 8

You can refer to the following Microsoft pages:

Windows 8.1 (5B5011564):

Windows 7 (KB5011552).

How to update

The update should be delivered automatically, but if you're in a hurry, you can go to Windows Update and try updating it manually. It's worth noting that this update on Windows 7 is only available to customers who are paying to keep their systems up to date. Update) support, which is a paid service that costs money to update patches.

ESU service is also only 3 years, Windows 7 ESU can support up to January 2023, not only charge, but also increase the price every year, 2021, 50 dollars per unit, 2022 to 100 dollars.