By Delia / Last update December 29, 2021

The taskbar is probably the most controversial design in Microsoft's new Windows 11 operating system. This redesigned taskbar has received a lot of criticism while being accepted by some users. For now, Microsoft seems to be trying to fix some annoying bugs such as battery power exceeding 100% in the recently released preview version.

Unlike previous versions of Windows, Windows 11's taskbar is built using modern XAML code and calls WinUI controls. This makes some of its features completely different from the previous ones, such as no support for drag-and-drop operations and users can't change the position of the taskbar. Previously, many users preferred to place the taskbar on the top or side of the screen, but Windows 11's taskbar cannot do that.

In addition, there are other known problems with the taskbar in Windows 11, such as the taskbar may flicker when trying to switch input methods. Another example is that the taskbar tooltip may appear in unpredictable locations when the mouse hovers over the taskbar icon. And the taskbar tooltip may not appear when hovering over an icon in the corner of the taskbar.

Thankfully, Microsoft has made changes to the operating system to improve the reliability of the taskbar, and partial fixes are included in the preview.

windows 11 taskbar

Windows 11 taskbar shows incorrect power

In Windows 11, some users have reported that sometimes the battery level on the taskbar shows higher than 100%. This also appears to be a bug in the Windows 11 taskbar, and Microsoft has released a fix for it in the latest preview release.

The release notes for Windows 11 Build 22523 mention that the battery icon tooltip will no longer accidentally show above 100 percent.

Taskbar drag-and-drop feature is coming back

At the same time, the media said that Microsoft is internally testing support for taskbar drag-and-drop.

As we all know, the previous version of Window you can directly drag files or icons and other content to the taskbar to form a shortcut, but Microsoft removed this feature in Windows 11, so there are also many users dissatisfied.

According to sources, this feature will now return in Windows 11 22H2. In addition, Microsoft will add this highly anticipated feature in the preview version, but this may still take several months.