By Delia / Last update February 10, 2022

Recently more new features of Windows 11 under development have come to light. According to the references found in the preview version, as well as the information from Albacore @thebookisclosed, the future version of Windows 11 may bring the following features:

  • Sustainability: better energy consumption and device recycling awareness
  • Focus Assist is becoming Focus, now schedulable through Outlook & sporting more granular options
  • Notification priorities no longer tucked away in UI

The "Sustainability" part refers to the new PC score feature, which shows the device's eco-score in the form of five leaves, with the more green trees lit up, the more eco-friendly the PC is. Turning on Eco recommendation makes the device even more energy efficient.

conserve energy

It's unclear whether this scoring is factory-fixed or changes dynamically with usage habits and hardware configuration. But from the screenshot, there is an energy-saving option under the leaves, which allows you to turn on some energy-saving features.

In fact, in October last year, it has been reported that Microsoft is also developing a new Eco mode for Task Manager. With this feature, you can take action on resource-intensive applications. For example, if you turn on Eco mode for an application, Microsoft will lower the priority of the process to "low", allowing other applications to get priority access to system resources.


Although the current system does not yet come with the scoring feature, the media expects the feature to arrive in the Windows 11 February update. From the Windows 7 era of hardware performance scoring to the Windows 11 era of energy saving and environmental scoring, it also shows the track of the changing times to a certain extent.