By Delia / Last update February 25, 2022

Microsoft finally started to optimize the Search function

Since Windows 10, the search box has been fixed to the taskbar by default, allowing users to search for local files or folders. If you want to search for certain apps, documents, etc. on the computer, you just need to press Windows + S on the keyboard and type the name in the search bar that pops up.

However, Windows Search is not as efficient compared to searching directly in File Explorer or using a third-party alternative search. Even Microsoft's own PowerToys Run tool is faster in searching. If you have a lot of data on your computer and often need to find a specific file, you may be annoyed by the slow search speed and confusing search results.

Fortunately, Microsoft is now improving the system search experience with Windows 11 Build 22557 in the Dev channel. Although Windows Search is still placed directly on the taskbar, and the interface has not changed. But attentive users will find that search results are displayed faster than ever, with the process taking just one second compared to older versions.

windows 11 search

Windows Search becomes more accurate

"Searching for apps and settings in the Windows search box on the taskbar is now even faster and more accurate than before. Try searching for your favorite app or a setting you use frequently to see faster results. We’ve also fixed an issue that prevented Windows users from being able to search for an app in the first few seconds after it had been installed." Microsoft said. Try searching for your favorite apps or the settings you use often to see faster results. We've also fixed an issue where Windows users had to wait several seconds for an app to search for it after it was installed".

In addition to faster search results, users can expect more accurate app or file suggestions when they type keywords into the search box. Also Microsoft fixed an issue where users were unable to find new apps in the search results for the first few seconds after installing them.