By Delia / Last update December 24, 2021

What is Windows 11 SE

Microsoft launched Windows 11 SE on November 10, which is mainly for K-8 education users. By K-8, we mean children from kindergarten (preschool) to basic education grades 1 to 8, in short, toddlers, elementary school students and middle school students.

windows 11 se

The SE version is more like a simplified version of Windows 11 and is bound to have some of the same points, such as the iconic centered taskbar. However, Microsoft has simplified the user interface, the program is opened in full-screen mode, the split-screen feature only supports opening two applications, and the widgets on the desktop as well as the app store have been removed. Accordingly, Win11 SE requires lower configuration requirements and simpler system settings.

Since it is for the education market, there is definitely no shortage of Microsoft Office software - Windows 11 SE comes pre-installed with word, Excel, PPT, OneDrive (which can save files locally and intelligently so that assignments assigned by teachers are automatically saved to students' computers and students can write assignments offline, and once connected to the Internet, OneDrive can automatically synchronize modified content and submit assignments automatically), OneNote and other Office applications.

Also for the purpose of managing deployments and keeping school data secure, Windows 11 SE necessarily requires Intune for Education, and with it provides a simpler and more secure cloud management solution that allows schools or institutions to manage devices more easily.

For installing software, Win 11 SE is sure that you can install the full version of Zoom, Chrome, but not all UWP and Win32, and must be authorized by the IT administrator, in six categories of directories, including browsers, accessible APPs, content filtering APPs, quiz classes, school communication, and necessary debugging tools. Students will need to go through their teachers for review and confirmation if they want to install apps.

Main challenge for Windows 11 SE

The main challenge for Windows 11 SE is Chrome OS and Chromebooks, which have almost ruled the education market in the U.S. In addition, Microsoft emphasized that it is positioned differently from Windows 11 Education and Windows 11 S mode for Surface Go 3, which do not interfere with each other.

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Currently, Windows 11 SE does not have an ISO image file, so users cannot install or switch to it on non-Windows 11 SE computers. As far as the information announced so far, the only way to get Windows 11 SE is to buy a new laptop, and in addition to the Surface Laptop SE from Microsoft, manufacturers such as Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Dell, and HP will join in the future.