By Delia / Last update January 6, 2022

With the arrival of Windows 11 Preview Build 22518, we can experience more new features such as Spotlight (collection of desktop images), Voice access, etc. There is also a small change in the system, with a new entry point for Widgets in the taskbar.

It should be noted that the new features in this version of the preview are not tied to a specific Windows version like 22H2 (October 2022 update), which means that in the future, if these new features are pushed to users' computers, the system version number may not be 22518 either.

windows update 22518

1. Spotlight

Spotlight feature can automatically change the lock screen and desktop wallpaper of your computer, and it can take you to see the world on your desktop. Every day, you will receive a selection of desktop pictures from around the world and the interesting story behind each picture.


To enable it: Right-click Desktop, choose “Personalization” – “Background” – “Spotlight collections”.

After enabling the Spotlight feature, the desktop wallpaper will change to a new one and a Spotlight icon will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Hover your mouse over the icon to learn information about the picture.

If you don't like the current wallpaper, right-click the Spotlight icon and select "Switch to next picture", or give feedback that you don't like this image, the system will improve the user's wallpaper experience on the desktop by displaying a different Spotlight image.

switch to next picture

2. Voice access

Voice access feature can help users to control the PC by voice, you need to open “Settings” – “Accessibility” – “Speech”, open the "Voice access" feature, then you will be prompted to download the voice model (used to understand the user's commands).

voice access

Wait for the successful download and then follow the guide to complete the setup process.

The Voice access feature supports scenarios such as opening and switching applications, browsing the web, editing text, and reading without the need for manual user intervention.

If you want to open an application, you need to say "Open Word", "Open Edge", etc.

To click on an element: "Click Start", "Click Cancel", etc.

3. Widget new entrance

In Win11 Preview Build 22518 version, the left side of the taskbar is no longer blank, Microsoft moved the Widgets entry point to here, the button shows the current weather conditions, temperature.

Users can also open the widgets panel by hovering over the entry point, where they can access not only climate information, but also information content and other information.

windows 11 widgets

Other improvements Windows 11 build 22518

- Microsoft is rolling out new personalized emojis. These new emojis will be based on family members' faces and skin tones and can be customized by the user. Microsoft is also rolling out emojis for couples with hearts, kissing and people holding hands.

- The clock and date can now be displayed on the taskbar of the secondary display.

- Microsoft is adding a new extra-large candidate height option for input method users.

- Resolves an issue where invisible window frames could prevent search input. In some cases, Windows Search's recent search popup may end up stuck on the screen.

- Windows Search's results search popup now has a tooltip describing its purpose.

- Fixed an issue that caused Windows Search to crash.

Known issues brought by Windows 11 build 22518

Meanwhile, there are some known issues with Windows 11 Build 22518:

- A bug could crash DWM, causing the screen to flicker repeatedly.

- The network icon may automatically disappear from the taskbar, which can be fixed by restarting explorer.exe.

- The Windows search panel may not open, which can be fixed by restarting explorer.exe.

- The gadget panel may be blacked out at the wrong rendering resolution.

These are some of the major changes brought by Windows 11 Preview Build 22518, a version that provides more personalized content. Have you experienced it yet?