By Delia / Last update February 15, 2022

Microsoft recently announced its plans to introduce new features to the Windows 11 operating system outside of the Fall 2022 update. Now, with the Release Preview preview and Beta testing channels open, we expect the first major update of the year to come later this month.

windows 11 feb update

Compared to Windows 10, Windows 11 has a more modular design with features that can be pushed through a separate Windows / Microsoft update. These feature experiences are available with the annual major release update, supplemented by other minor improvements brought to the operating system, such as the Windows 11 Build 22000.526 compiled version recently pushed to the Release Preview and Beta test channels.

The new preview reportedly restores support for date/time display on multiple monitors, giving users the freedom to choose to add the clock and date to the taskbar on a screen other than the primary monitor.

As shown above, if you choose center alignment for the taskbar icons (or left alignment), the weather widget will appear on the left side of the desktop. You can also hover over the weather or click the button to open the existing widget panel on the left.

In addition, users can share the contents of an open application window (such as muting/unmuting an active video call) directly through the Windows 11 taskbar.

share app window

Interested users can now get the February 2022 update of Windows 11 through the preview channel to enable the taskbar content sharing experience during Microsoft Teams calls. This will eliminate the need to switch back and forth between open applications/windows, allowing everyone to focus more on the meeting at hand.

Finally, this round of updates fixes an issue that caused an incorrect tooltip to appear on the taskbar, as well as an issue with offline files being located on a network drive after restarting the OS and logging in. Microsoft is also expected to push out Android support and other improvements through the Experience Pack in the coming weeks.