By Delia / Last update January 21, 2022

After the recent update of Microsoft Edge, some users found that the Mica effect is disabled, but the Windows 11-style translucent context menu is still retained. They asked about the issue in the official Microsoft community, and the support staff replied that the disappearance of the Mica design style in the latest Edge browser was intentional.

microsoft edge

Why is it so? A large number of customers have reported that the Mica style interferes with color recognition, so Microsoft has decided to remove the Mica design for some Windows 11 computers for now.

What is Mica effect

One of the new elements of Windows 11 is the Mica material, which is usually visible in dark mode and gives a translucent appearance to some application windows and title bars when enabled, keeping the background color of the application in line with the desktop.

This new Mica design provides excellent visual effects and can help distinguish between multiple open instances of the same or multiple applications without causing any performance issues. Microsoft is currently working to further extend the Mica design to more applications.

windows 11 mica effect

How to recover Mica effect in Microsoft Edge

1. Type "edge://flags" in the address bar of your Edge browser and press Enter.

2. Search for "Enable Windows 11 Mica effect in title bars" and select “Enabled.

Enable Windows 11 Mica effect in title bars

3. After restarting the browser, the mica effect will be restored. You can also set different styles of themes for the browser according to your personal preference.