By Delia / Last update February 9, 2022

Microsoft has been continuing to improve Windows 11, and one of the changes to look forward to is that future versions of Windows 11 may include support for wallpaper stickers. This will be a new way to personalize your desktop to your liking and will be useful on all communication platforms, although it is not yet known if the feature will be welcomed by many Windows 11 users.

windows 11

Currently Windows 11 already allows you to customize the appearance using various options, such as switching the system and application themes between light or dark modes, or using accent colors to make applications look more personal. If the application supports Mica effects, then it will also come with a transparency effect.

And in the future Windows 11 22H2, users will also be able to change the desktop experience with custom images or Spotlight.

According to the latest reports, Microsoft is now working on a new feature called Sticker Editor, which is a pre-installed application that helps users make their own stickers. Users can then add the stickers to their desktop wallpapers for a refreshed experience.

Wallpaper sticker will be available in Windows 11 22H2

This feature will start to be implemented in Windows 11 22H2 "Sun Valley 2". Users can use the sticker editor to select stickers, personalize their appearance, and add them to the wallpaper.

The news now shows that stickers will persist in all wallpapers, but it may not work if you use slideshows.

To use the new stickers on Windows 11, simply go to Personalization settings and scroll to the bottom to find the "Add stickers" option.

As shown in the screenshot, users can open the sticker editor by clicking on the "Edit Stickers" option in the context menu.

add stickers

In the early days, there are not yet many types of stickers, but Microsoft will continue to offer more stickers. Microsoft may have enlisted the help of its Office designer team to help enhance the sticker options. And according to media speculation, third-party applications will also provide a large number of stickers to use.

Currently, the sticker feature can be called out when debugging in the Nickel branch version of Windows 11, so Microsoft should not test stickers in the Windows 11 preview for too long.