By Delia / Last update December 30, 2021

Sometimes, people need to copy the path of a file or a folder in Windows system. Especially when using the command line, it is very common to copy the path and paste it to the command line.

In Windows 10, there is a shortcut, that is, hold Shift and right-click on a file or folder, you can see the "Copy as path" option in the context menu, click it and you can easily copy the corresponding path. In Windows 11, copying the path of a directory becomes even easier.

windows 11

Copying paths is easier in Windows 11

In Windows 11, users don't need to hold down Shift key, the right-click menu includes the "Copy as path" option by default. In this way, after copying the directory path to the clipboard, you can manually paste it to other places without having to operate on the address bar.

According to the plan, the file explorer in Windows 11 will usher in further improvements in the future, copying directory paths will be easier. Microsoft plans to introduce keyboard shortcut support, in the preview version of Windows 11, as long as you press Ctrl + Shift + C at the same time, you can copy the path of the selected file or folder.

copy as path

The keyboard shortcut is also understood to operate by copying the path to the Windows clipboard. If you use the cloud clipboard feature of Windows, then you can also synchronize the path to other devices, such as Android machines.

But please note, this copy as path operation also includes quotation marks. If you want to paste the path in the Explorer address to go directly to the file/folder, make sure you remove the quotes before pressing enter.

Windows 11 context menu still needs to be improved

The current Windows 11 context menu is very different from previous versions such as Windows 10, with the aforementioned "Copy to path" included by default as part of the menu, and the Windows 11 context menu has been streamlined to require additional clicks to bring up the full traditional context menu. menu. At the same time, however, the Windows 11 right-click menu has created new problems, with some users claiming that the right-click menu is sluggish and delayed, especially on low-end computers.

Thankfully, Microsoft has begun to address the problem, improving the performance of the right-click menu by improving the File Manager. Microsoft is investigating the corresponding reports, and a fix was recently implemented in the preview version. Hopefully, these minor issues related to File Explorer can be resolved before the release of Windows 11 22H2.