By Delia / Last update December 28, 2021

Windows 11 has been problematic since its release. Now, Microsoft has confirmed a new issue - after upgrading to Windows 11, you may experience color rendering problems using applications such as the Image Editor. In addition, there are other bugs in recent versions of Windows 11, which Microsoft is investigating.


Windows 11 prevents some image editor apps from rendering colors correctly

According to reports, there is a bug in Windows 11 that prevents some image editor programs from rendering colors correctly in the display (mainly related to HDR). When a user tries to edit a picture with a pure white or light-colored background, the wrong color is observed and the picture may appear as bright yellow or other colors.

Microsoft confirmed that the bug occurs when the Win32 API returns an exception message or error under certain conditions. this is a problem with Windows 11 itself, and in most cases, updating the application does not improve it. According to Microsoft, the Windows 11 bug does not affect all applications related to color management.

Microsoft expects that in the stable version of Windows 11, the color management files configured in Settings and Control Panel will work as preset.

As expected, HDR or image editor-related issues will be addressed in the Windows 11 release coming in late January. If you are a member of the Insider program, then there is a chance to get the fix in the newer preview version. According to reports from the Feedback Center, the display rendering bug does seem to be fixed when running the preview.

In addition to the realistic color irregularities, there are other bugs with Windows 11. In the December 15 release of Windows 11 KB5008215, some users claimed that they were unable to apply the cumulative update because the patch would not install, resulting in a cryptic error message.

In addition, some users experienced performance issues with certain storage such as SSDs. Currently, Windows 11 has bugs that can degrade the performance of storage drives, which typically occurs when trying to move files between the system partition and other partitions, and this bug only affects partitions where Windows 11 is installed.

It's not yet clear when these issues will be fully fixed, so hopefully more bugs will be fixed in the optional Windows 11 update in January.