By Delia / Last update January 28, 2022

Today Microsoft pushed the Windows 11 Build 22543.1000 update to the Dev Preview channel. This update brings several new features, fixes a bug that crashed the Task Manager, and more.

windows 11

More natural voice for Narrators

This update provides a more natural voice for the "Narrator" feature. The feature can be downloaded and used offline to convert text to speech to help users navigate the web and read articles. The new English voices are available in "Jenny" and "Aria" and can be installed by the user.


New Narrator keyboard commands.

To facilitate the use of this feature, Microsoft has added several keyboard shortcuts.

Narrator + Alt+"-": moves to the previous voice in the narrator voice combo box

Narrator + Alt + "+": moves to the next voice in the narrator's voice combo box

Narrator Key + Alt + "[": moves to the previous punctuation position

Narrator key + Alt + "]": moves to the previous punctuation position

The "Narrator" key is assigned by the user and can be set as a Caps Lock key or as an Insert key. To turn on the narrator function, press the shortcut key "Win + Ctrl + Enter".

New lock screen media controls

This update of Win11 makes the media playback control in the lock screen interface support background color change with the theme. When the background of the lock screen is dark, the background color of the control will also be adjusted to a dark color.

lock screen media controls

Easier window layout

Microsoft has optimized the experience when laying out windows quickly. Users can drag the divider to adjust it, while other windows will be displayed as frosted glass with application icons in the center.

window layout

Using the shortcut Win + Alt + K to perform voice mute function will now bring up a more specific pop-up window showing the muted application.

With this update, the input method switcher is also improved to provide an acrylic translucent background style.

There are also new changes to the progress loop animation when performing a full system update, which is consistent with the animation at system startup.

With this update, the System > Storage > Disks and Volumes menu in Settings has also been adjusted to be consistent with the Win11 style. Certain properties can also be used and adjusted directly in the software without having to click on the entry first and then proceed.

Fix log of Windows 11 Dev Build 22543.1000.


  • Fixed a glitch in Task Manager where the program would get stuck and crash when clicking on the "Performance" tab.
  • Volume and sound card hardware indicators now show the volume level of different sound cards in the popup window.
  • Fixed an issue where some characters were not allowed when naming a PC in OOBE.
  • Fixed a crash in OneNote when opening pages with built-in PDF.
  • Fixed the issue that the system UI is unresponsive when the HDR function of the monitor is turned on.

File Explorer

  • Fixed an issue where dragging files from an opened zip file to other directories could cause explorer.exe to crash.
  • Show Ctrl + Shift + C shortcut next to copy path in right-click menu.

Input issues

  • Fixed a glitch that caused the cursor to disappear unexpectedly in some applications.
  • Fixed a crash caused by opening the input method switcher in Quick Setup.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the candidate window to be accidentally lost when selecting Simplified Chinese input method in User Personalization > Text Input.


  • Fix the problem that the Show hidden icon button appears two up arrows
  • Fixed the problem that the two lines of date and time in the taskbar were not aligned.


  • Fix the problem that "Settings" was stuck and could not be launched.
  • Fixed a bug that if users choose to turn off system startup sound, the setting will be restored after system update.
  • Fixed the icon in notifications that shows whether you have chosen to delay completing device installation.
  • The tab in Quick Settings no longer puts the focus on invisible elements.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the media controls above Quick Settings to not appear on the screen.


The active desktop's underline in Task View can now change color based on the system theme and is no longer a uniform blue color.

Mitigated an issue where the DWM desktop window manager would crash when viewing recent flights.

Here is the full change log.