By Delia / Last update January 24, 2022

Microsoft released Windows 11 Build 22533 preview update on January 15, which brings a lot of issue fixes. At the same time, there is a new page in Settings where users can manage their Microsoft accounts more easily, as well as a backup interface that allows you to manage OneDrive sync and backup app lists.

windows 11

The new Microsoft Account interface

This new page is called "Your Microsoft Account" and can be found by going to Settings - Accounts. On this page, users can clearly see the type of Microsoft 365 subscription, expiration date, payment status, number of shares, and usage information for OneDive Cloud Drive.

From this screen, users can also manage their subscriptions, view and change payment options, and more. It should be noted that further management and manipulation of Microsoft accounts requires opening a browser on the web side. Nevertheless, the new settings page of Windows 11 provides a convenient entry point for users to manage their accounts.

The new Windows Backup interface

You may be familiar with the previous backup page of Windows, which usually offered the options of File History and Windows Backup and Restore (Windows 7), until Windows 11 added the OneDrive Backup feature.

Now in Windows 11 Build 22533, you'll see a new "Windows Backup" page that manages OneDrive folder synchronization and supports backups of app lists.

Microsoft Windows 11 Build 22000.466 Preview, which also brings these two features in Settings, is expected to bring the new features to the Windows 11 stable release soon.