By Delia / Last update March 10, 2022

As part of the Patch Tuesday cycle, Windows 11 KB5011493 has been released, bringing several new features.

KB5011493 contains all the fixes and improvements from the previous optional cumulative update. The Windows 11 Patch Tuesday release introduces new taskbar features, but please note that these features are already enabled on the device if the optional update was previously installed.

windows 11

With the Windows 11 system update for March 2022, Microsoft has finally enabled new features for the taskbar. This includes new tools to easily share content from other applications to Microsoft Teams when attendees are in a meeting. likewise, Microsoft is adding the clock to the taskbar on dual monitors.

Microsoft has also fixed remaining performance issues in the operating system. This includes a bug that affected the read and write speeds of certain storage devices (SSDs and HDDs).

How to download and install Windows 11 KB5011493

This update will be available on Windows Update, Windows Update for Business, and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). You can go to Windows Settings -> Windows Update to install the new update.

Alternatively, you can download the .msu file through the Microsoft Update Catalog and double-click it to install update KB5011493.

Download link:

You will need to reboot your system to update to the latest version. After installing this update, your operating system version will change to Windows 11 Build 22000.556.

Highlights of Windows 11 KB5011493 (Build 22000.556)

As mentioned at the beginning, users can quickly share the contents of an open application window directly from the taskbar.

share this window

This only applies to Microsoft Teams, but Microsoft has previously confirmed that anyone can use the latest features of Windows 11 in their apps, so taskbar integration will also be adapted to Zoom or other apps at some point in the future.

As the screenshot shows, Windows 11's taskbar functionality eliminates the need to switch between Microsoft Teams and other applications to share specific windows. Users can simply hover over an application's preview and click the new Share button to share the contents of that window in a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Notably, the new "Share this window" button will appear below an application's preview on the taskbar, and you can click "Stop sharing" at any time to exit sharing mode. In addition, Microsoft Teams calls can now be quickly muted and unmuted directly from the taskbar (next to the system tray). This new experience promises a better meeting experience, so users can stay focused.

Microsoft is currently testing the Teams window sharing feature with users who have work or school accounts. It will be available to the public at a later date.

Improvements in Windows 11 KB5011493

Microsoft has fixed several bugs in Windows 11, including an issue where the time zone list feature in Settings would appear blank to users. Another bug where the Windows search service stopped responding when using a proximity operator query has been fixed.

Another bug has been fixed where Task Manager was unable to determine the startup impact value. Microsoft has fixed an issue affecting dialog boxes in Microsoft Edge Internet Explorer mode. Likewise, an issue where Edge Internet Explorer mode stopped working when the F1 key was pressed has been fixed.

According to the changelog, there are also some fixes regarding drivers. For example, Microsoft fixed an issue that prevented users from uninstalling or reloading when the system was protected with HVCI.

Other improvements:

  • Microsoft is changing the way the recommendations section of the Start menu works for Office applications. Starting with Build 22000.556, if a file is synced to OneDrive, the Start menu will attempt to open the Office file in the browser.
  • Microsoft is adding weather information to the left side of the taskbar. This will open the widget panel if the taskbar is aligned in the center.
  • Microsoft has updated the taskbar to fix an issue where incorrect tooltips appeared in empty areas.
  • Microsoft fixed an issue with disconnecting offline files on network drives.
  • Microsoft has improved support for non-volatile memory (NVMe) namespaces.

Be aware of the Start menu issue

As previously mentioned, the Windows 11 widget buttons now appear on the left side of the screen by default if the Start button is aligned in the middle.

However, the widget button is sensitive and can react to cursor movement when the user tries to open the Start menu. This causes the Start menu to disappear whenever the user accidentally hovers over the widget button.

An increasing number of users have reported problems with the Start menu - it disappears unexpectedly and seems to conflict with widget functionality. While this is a frustrating bug, it can be easily fixed by simply hiding or disabling the widget button.