By Delia / Last update March 4, 2022

Microsoft reminds enterprise users to rely on App Assure

Microsoft released a reminder a few days ago about its App Assure program on Windows 11, reminding enterprise customers that App Assure engineers are ready to help resolve any application compatibility issues encountered after upgrading to Windows 11. The App Assure program is a compatibility assistance program to help resolve application compatibility errors and issues. This is done by working with Microsoft's team of App Assure engineers and sometimes involving application developers.

microsoft compatibility promise

The full text of the alert reads:

"Whether you are a large enterprise or a small business, App Assure can provide application compatibility assistance and help you feel As part of Microsoft's commitment to app compatibility, the goal is that all of your apps simply work after the upgrade to Windows 11. If you do encounter a compatibility issue on Windows 11, though, App Assure engineers will work with you to help resolve the issue. If you do encounter a compatibility issue on Windows 11, though, App Assure engineers will work with you to help resolve the issue in addition to working with engineering teams to find and fix the root cause. The best part, there is no cost to use this program!"

The company said it has seen strong demand for upgrades since the October 2021 release of Windows 11, prompting Microsoft to accelerate the pace of the rollout. chief product officer for Windows devices Panos Panay also added that customers are switching to the latest version of Windows at twice the speed of Windows 10 adoption, and that Windows 11 has the highest quality score and product satisfaction of any version ever.

And Microsoft reiterated that this reminder may also be somewhat of a hint at enterprise adoption issues, reminding its enterprise customers that they can rely on App Assure.

How App Assure can help users with compatibility issues

Redmond said in October when the App Assure program was expanded to Windows 11 that App Assure engineers help solve any problems at no additional cost with eligible subscriptions.

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In the three years since the program debuted, the company claims that after evaluating 837,699 customer applications through App Assure, 99.6 percent of them were compatible with Windows 11, with only 3,307 requiring some level of remediation.

According to Microsoft, App Assure engineers can work with customers experiencing application compatibility issues on Windows 11 to address root causes and will.

  • Help troubleshoot and identify a root cause
  • Provide guidance to help you remediate the application compatibility issue
  • Engage with third-party independent software vendors (ISVs) on your behalf to remediate some part of their app, so that it's functional on the most modern version of our products
  • Work with Microsoft product engineering teams to fix product bugs