By Delia / Last update December 20, 2021

On December 16, Microsoft released a new preview version of Windows 11 - build 22523 for Insider members of the Dev channel.

windows 11

What’s new in Windows 11 build 22523

  • Early November Build 22494 on the first open snap groups (snap groups) function for all Insider open to use, users can ALT + TAB key combination or task view to experience, the effect is similar to the mouse hovering taskbar when the active program.
  • Enables a media server in File Explorer. Users can click “…” in the command bar to remove the media server option.
  • Move more Control Panel features to the new Settings, including Programs & Features.

In addition, the release also fixes bugs such as the battery value being higher than 100% and icons not overlapping with the date and time on multi-screen displays when opening more than one program.

How to install the update

Right at the end of the year and with Christmas coming up, 22523 will be the last major release of Windows 11 this year (though the official version will not be available until October 2022). For this reason, the official ISO image is also open for download.

At present, the ISO image available for Insider members in the download center is not only the latest Windows 11 22523, but also the official Build 22000.194 and Windows 10 21H2 (November Update) Build 19044.1288.

download iso

After downloading the ISO image to the local hard disk, double-click to mount it automatically, after mounting it you can continue to find Setup.exe and double-click it, if you choose to keep the settings and files, then it is a lossless upgrade, if not then it means a pure installation.

Of course, for ease of use, you can also create a bootable USB drive with the help of Rufus, etc.

Windows 11 battery display issue is finally fixed

If your device has been updated to Windows 11 and the battery level sometimes shows a percentage well above 100%, you're not alone. Some users have experienced the same weird glitch where Windows 11 claims that the battery level is much higher than 100%, like their battery is getting supercharged.

Of course, this is inaccurate, and everything happened due to a bug in Windows 11, for which Microsoft now offers a fix in the latest preview release.

That's right, Windows 11 build 22523, the latest preview that Microsoft is offering to users who join the Windows Insider program, addresses the issue, although the fix has not yet been rolled out to production devices.

Microsoft says the tooltip for the battery icon should no longer accidentally display a percentage over 100. Meanwhile, they've also fixed several other issues in Windows 11, including the Settings app.