By Delia / Last update January 7, 2022

Some users find that their computer screen shows a red color after updating Windows 10 system, which is very harsh. Why is it like that?

First of all, this may be a problem with the display, so please check first, for example, put an external other monitor to see if the screen is normal, if so, it is likely to be a problem with your monitor, we suggest contacting the after-sales service. If the external monitor screen is also not normal, then it is likely to be caused by incorrect drivers after update. The following we will take a look at the 2 solutions that might work.

windows 10

Solution 1. Reinstall the graphics card driver

1. Use the key combination: win + x to open the Windows 10 WinX menu, and then select the "Device manager" option.

2. In the pop-up interface to expand the "Display adapters" option, and then in the drop-down menu, right-click the computer's graphics card, select "Uninstall device".

reinstall display adapter driver

3. If the red screen problem is caused by the graphics card driver, then the display should have returned to normal by this point. You just need to continue to download and install the graphics card driver can (you can try several driver version number).

Solution 2. Reinstall the monitor driver

1. open the "Device manager" in the same way. The display is also the application driver, but all windows default settings driver

2. Find the "Monitors" option, and right-click the "Generic PnP Monitor" drop-down menu, also select "Uninstall device".

uninstall monitor driver

3. After that, select "Monitors" again and select "Scan for hardware changes" in the menu bar at the top of the interface, so that the system will automatically install "Generic PnP Monitor". Generic PnP Monitor" will be installed automatically.

Through the above two methods you should be able to solve the problem of computer red screen, but this tutorial can only work in the case that the monitor does not fail to use. If there is a problem with the computer monitor itself, then the smart option is to replace or repair it. In addition, you can also try the color calibration feature of Windows 10, which can also solve some display color problems.