By Delia / Last update February 23, 2022

Will there really be a Windows 12?

Recently, technology website broke the news that although the official version of Windows 11 was just released in October last year, Microsoft has already started to plan the development of the new system.

According to the news, Microsoft is already planning the development of a new system, namely Windows 12, which will not be based on Windows 10 like Windows 11, but will be built almost from scratch.


As we all know, Microsoft previously said that Windows 10 was the last operating system, but then Windows 11 with its new user interface overturned this conclusion. Initially, Windows 11 did not have a good reputation among users and many of them preferred to continue using the mature Windows 10 even if they were eligible for the upgrade, but after listening to all the feedback from users, Microsoft focused its main efforts on enhancing and polishing Windows 11 to improve the user experience.

Now, Windows 10 is in the late stage and Windows 11 is finally in the stable stage, but there are reports that Microsoft has already started developing Windows 12 system and it will officially start in March. This sounds a bit sudden, but considering that it takes at least two to three years to develop a new system, it is not impossible for Microsoft to start developing a new generation of OS systems this year.

What will Windows 12 be like?

The rumor that Windows 12 "requires two TPMs" has been confirmed as a joke by the tweeter @SwiftOnSecurity. But if there really is a Windows 12, it could be very different from the previous systems.

windows 12 tpm

Windows 11, launched last year, brought some new features as well as a refurbished design, but it was still essentially an updated version based on Windows 10. It will say goodbye to Windows 10 and the previous Windows system sub-architecture, and although it will continue to support Win32 applications, it will probably do so through virtual machines.

Microsoft's goal is to build a modern, lightweight and efficient operating system, which means that the priority of store apps will also be further enhanced.

However, according to available information, Windows 12 has not yet officially entered the development process, which means that Microsoft will not announce the existence of this system to the public for a long time.

At the same time, the design concept of Windows 12 is somewhat similar to the previously cancelled Windows 10 X in terms of lightweight, store-based applications and other development directions, which makes people worry whether the two will go the same way.

Are you looking forward to this brand new Windows 12 system?