By Delia / Last update February 17, 2022

After releasing Preview 2 a few weeks ago, Microsoft has finally released Visual Studio 2022 17.1. As a powerful integrated development environment (IDE), the preview features from the previous month or so have been largely incorporated into the official release, in addition to the extensive feedback Microsoft has gathered from end users.

Download Visual Studio 2022 17.1:

visual studio

What's new in Visual Studio 2022 17.1

First, with the official arrival of VS 2022 17.1, indexed lookup in files is now enabled by default for a smoother search experience.

If for some reason you want to disable this feature, go to "Tools → "Options" → "Environment" → "Preview Features" and invert it.

side by side

Secondly, there is a new feature that tries to save every "dirty" document in the IDE, such as a project/solution, every time the IDE window goes out of focus.

There are also some Git enhancements, such as compare branches, checkout a commit, and review pull requests.

Developers can also get some visual information about available registers and their mapped memory locations when working with RTOS objects, as well as take advantage of Solution Filters.

Microsoft writes: "Solution Filters allow you to choose what projects to load so you can avoid loading massive solutions every time. Our users noticed the dependency tree (and solution filter) can become outdated When new projects are added, or the dependency graph changes.", "Visual Studio 2022 version 17.1 added an easier way to load This will pull in any new dependencies that were added to ensure you have all the You can check for any new dependencies by clicking Update Project Dependencies in the context menu of the solution node in the Solution Explorer."

solution filters

Finally, Microsoft recommends that professional and enterprise customers begin investigating how to take advantage of the new features in VS 2022 17.1, especially those on the 17.0 Long Term Support Services (LTSC) channel.

Microsoft will then focus on VS 2022 17.2, which is already in preview, and is known to include more Git enhancements, bug fixes for MAUI development, support for the new C# 11 refactoring, and related improvements when working with data locally.

Microsoft will end support for older versions of Visual Studio

Microsoft has previously issued a reminder that it is ending support for several versions of Visual Studio, covering Visual Studio 2017, 2019 (version 16.7), and the 2019 Preview Channel version. If you are using an older version of Visual Studio, now may be the time to choose a new version and prepare for software feature updates and security patches after April 2022.