By Delia / Last update March 3, 2022

After upgrading to Windows 11, many users found that some common desktop icons, such as This PC, were not displayed. Although there are other paths to access these tools, for users who are used to retrieve or open files or perform other operations in This PC, this will definitely bring some trouble to their daily operations. So, how to add icons like This PC to Windows 11 desktop? Here are the specific steps.

windows 11

How to add This PC icon on Windows 11 desktop

1. First right-click on the blank space of the desktop, in the pop-up menu, select "Personalize". Or you can also access the tab through “Start” > “Settings” > “Personalization”.


2. Once you enter the Personalization settings, find and click the "Theme" option menu.

3. Then you can find the "Desktop icon settings" option under Related settings.

desktop icon settings

4. enter the desktop icon settings, you can see a variety of desktop icons, such as "Computer", "Recycle Bin", "Control Panel "etc. To add This PC, just check "Computer" and "Apply" settings. You can also check other desktop icon options as needed.

select computer icon

After that you will find This PC icon on the Windows 11 desktop, which can be easily accessed. If you no longer need these desktop icons, just uncheck the corresponding option and confirm.