By Delia / Last update December 24, 2021

Task Manager is a very useful feature in Windows. However, in the latest version of Windows 11, the entrance to launch Task Manager by right-clicking on the taskbar has been closed, which has caused a lot of controversy. Although Microsoft has said that this option will likely be restored in the future, how can you quickly open the Task Manager in the current version? The next few tips on how to quickly start Task Manager in Win11.

task manager

1. Shortcut Keys

As in Windows 10, you can launch Task Manager with one click by pressing the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+ESC in the Win11 interface. Besides being simple and convenient, all three shortcuts are located on the left side of the keyboard, so you can operate them with one hand when you are skilled.

2. Start Menu

Although the right button of the taskbar has been removed, Win11 still retains the right-click function of the Start button. As in Win10, when we right-click the Start icon, we can see a short list of functions. Most of the commands here are related to the system, and "Task Manager" is also included.

task manager start menu

3. Lock Screen

In addition to the regular interface, the Lock screen, which is brought up by Ctrl+Alt+Del, can also be used to launch Task Manager. However, this interface will cover all the current screens when working, which is not particularly convenient.

task manager lock screen

4. Run Command

The last one is using command, in fact, most Windows commands are composed of a small independent program, and Task Manager is no exception. Just press the shortcut key Win+R and then type the command "taskmgr".

run command

5. Search Bar

If you can't remember the shortcut keys, you can use the search function. To do this, first click the search icon on the taskbar. Type or "taskmgr" in the search box and click on the matching result to enter.

search task manager


Windows 11 has no core changes compared to Windows 10, but there are still slight differences in some specific operations and details. If you are also not sure how to open Task Manager in Windows 11, then try the above approaches.