By Delia / Last update December 30, 2021

The computer screen usually contains background images, icons, system menu and taskbar as these elements. And the ratio of the size of these images, text and dialog windows is determined by the screen resolution. Usually the larger the resolution, the smaller the icons on the desktop will be.

Some users who upgrade to the new system Windows 11 may find that the display is not as good as it should be, so how to set the screen resolution and how much resolution works best? Here's a look at it.

windows 111

Where to adjust Windows 11 display resolution

Approach 1:

1. Click Windows logo to open the Start menu.

2. Find and click "Settings" in the Start menu.

3. Choose "Display" in "System" tab.

system display settings

4. Here are some display options you can adjust, like HDR, scale and display resolution. Click the box on the right of the “Display resolution” and you can choose an suitable resolution in the menu.


Approach 2:

1. Right-click on the desktop, find "Display settings" in the context menu

2. The Display setting page will pop up, and the configuration steps are all the same.

How to choose the right screen resolution

Different monitors are suitable for different resolutions, so in general, you can simply choose the resolution with "Recommended" mark.

Most of the monitors today are suitable for 1080P, so you can also manually set the 1080P resolution (1920x1080).

If your monitor is suitable for 2K or even 4K resolution, you can apply a higher resolution. But the higher the resolution, the higher the demand for image processing, and the higher the demand for computer graphics cards.

After selecting an option, the screen displays the effect of the selected resolution and gives you 15 seconds to consider whether to “Keep changes” or “Revert” to the original. So you can also try them one by one to find the resolution that displays the clearest and that you are most comfortable looking at.