By Delia / Last update January 12, 2022

Microsoft is redesigning Defender for Windows 11

According to a tweet from Alumia last year, Microsoft is designing a new Microsoft Defender Preview antivirus for Windows 11. The new Defender will not only make adjustments to the UI, but will also refactor the underlying layers.

It is said that the application, internally codenamed GibraltarApp, is refactored through WPF and XAML, and it will replace the current Defender program built into Windows 11 to bring simple, seamless and personalized protection to users.

new defender

According to the newly revealed images, Microsoft Defender appears in Android and Windows versions, and additionally may come to Mac devices.

In addition to the kernel refactoring and support for new platforms, the biggest change in the new version of Defender comes from the new UI design. The new version of Defender inherits the design language of Windows 11 in terms of UI design, the overall use of mica elements for the framework, and the application of a large number of rounded corners and textured elements, which makes the new version of Defender and Windows 11 more visually compatible and more smooth.

Previously, Defender was certified by AV-TEST, a German authoritative testing organization, as the most recommended free antivirus software on Windows, and I believe this big update can make Defender's performance even better.

Many native apps get visual updates in Windows 11

Windows 11 was officially released in October last year, and the major changes to its overall interface justify the jump in OS version numbers. Windows 11 combines the best of Fluent Design and WinUI to provide a modern and touch-friendly experience for devices that meet the minimum requirements.

With Windows 11, "Fluent Design" just got better, and Microsoft introduced a new design material called "Mica" that will allow applications and desktop elements to be matched with themed wallpapers. to match. However, these changes mainly affect system elements, which means that application developers will need to update their applications to get the best out of Windows 11.

mica material

This comes as a bunch of native apps for Microsoft Windows 11 are getting visual UI updates for more users, including alarm clocks and clocks, paint, screenshot tools, notepads, photos, recorders, calculators, and more.