By Delia / Last update February 18, 2022

Microsoft launches optimization options for older games

For gamers who love old games, the compatibility issue of playing old games on new systems has always been a headache. Today, Microsoft announced a new feature in the latest preview of the Dev Channel that optimizes players' experience of playing old games under Windows 11.

In the latest system, you can find the specialized option for older games by accessing Settings > System > Display > Graphics. Previously, only DX12 supported these features, and now Microsoft is further introducing this enhancement to DX10 and DX11 games. Users can enjoy automatic HDR, variable refresh rate, low latency and other enhancements in older games with just a few settings.

old game optimization settings

It is better to enable vertical synchronization for this feature

Microsoft says that for DX10 and DX11 games running in windowed mode, or borderless mode, these optimizations will result in an even better experience. Modern games using DX12 have benefited a lot from this.

In addition, Microsoft also explained that this feature may cause serious screen tearing problems when the game is not turned on vertical synchronization. So Microsoft recommends that users better turn on vertical synchronization, or manually limit the game frame rate to the maximum monitor refresh rate. Or use a variable refresh rate monitor to avoid this problem.

The feature is currently available on Windows 11 Dev Channel build 22545 or later, and the update was pushed out yesterday if you're in the Windows Previewer program.