By Delia / Last update December 23, 2021

Microsoft is starting to push a new version of Windows 11 Notepad to users in the Dev channel of the Insider program, and it includes many surprising changes.


New version of Notepad is finally coming

As a classic tool that has been with people for decades, Windows Notepad hasn't changed in many years. Now, the new version of Windows 11 Notepad is finally coming. First of all, its user interface gets a new design, which is in line with Win11's UI, introducing elements such as Mica and rounded corners. Microsoft realizes how important Notepad is to many of its users' daily workflows, so it has modernized the classic application to make it feel fresh, yet familiar.


Microsoft says their favorite new feature is Dark Mode, which has been the most vocal new feature in the community, and now it's really here. By default, the new version of Notepad will automatically adapt to the system theme, and users can also change this option themselves in the new settings page, where fonts can also be set.

note dark mode

To improve efficiency, the new version of Windows 11 Notepad introduces a redesigned find and replace experience and adds support for multi-level undo - a feature that has been highly cited in the community.

And while productivity, performance and reliability have always been the focus of Notepad, Microsoft has ensured that Notepad continues to excel in these areas no matter how users use it in their workflow.

Issues that Microsoft will address in the future

There are a number of known issues in the newly released preview that Microsoft will address in future updates. These issues include:

-Issues that affect the use of keyboard access keys when switching between input languages or when using Japanese IME

-Unexpected behavior may occur in some cases when selecting text or scrolling with Shift-click

-Performance needs to be improved when opening very large files

Microsoft wants users to provide feedback on their experience with the new version of Notepad for Win11, and welcomes users to share suggestions in the Feedback Center.