By Delia / Last update March 3, 2022

Microsoft launched a preview for the new App Store web

One of the key components of Windows 11, which launched last year, was the new Microsoft Store. it was not only redesigned in the style of Windows 11, but also brought a new store experience. Microsoft subsequently brought it to Windows 10, and that wasn't the last step. Users recently discovered that Microsoft is testing a new web front end for the new app store.

The name of the page is "Windows Apps Preview", in line with the current naming convention for Windows apps in the current store. For now, users will still be redirected to the old interface by default, but you can preview the new web at

microsoft store

What's new in Windows Apps Preview

The new Windows App Store web version allows users to access app product pages on devices that do not have Microsoft Store apps installed, for example as your phone and tablet, and to easily share links to your favorite apps with others.

The most obvious change in the new site compared to the old version is probably the design that conforms to the Windows 11 style. As you can clearly see from the picture, it has been redesigned in terms of layout, with the app categories on the left side and a search bar added above to make it easier for users to find apps, making it more efficient than the client version.

new app store web

The UI of the bottom app list also adopts the same rounded corners, shadows, and dynamic effects of Win11, so you no longer see the black lines of the button borders.

On the app details page, the Windows App Store web version has also been redesigned with a cleaner layout and the last updated time of the app on the right side. In addition, the new version of the web store finally simplifies the steps for installing apps.

new app store web install

Previously, when users clicked Install App on the web side, they would jump to the Windows App Store client before they could click Install. In the new version of the Store, users with Windows 10 or Windows 11 PCs who click Install on the website will get a small pop-up directly asking you to confirm the download and the app will start installing without taking you to the full version of the Microsoft Store app.