By Delia / Last update May 31, 2023

Patch Tuesday is exciting because Microsoft will fix those annoying glitches and security issues that pop up. However, sometimes things may not work as well as they should, which happened recently as Windows patches made certain types of VPNs stop working.


The January 2022 updates caused VPN issues

Microsoft rolled out the KB5009566 update for Windows 11 and the KB5009543 update for Windows 10 around January 15, in addition to pushing similar updates for several versions of Windows Server that fixed bugs in the text display. However, the January 2022 updates caused serious glitches in Windows systems, even affecting the normal operation of servers.

After Microsoft released the latest round of updates on Patch Tuesday, many users had IPSEC IKE and L2TP VPN connections fail, in addition to problems with reboots outside of domain controllers. This is particularly problematic for enterprises that rely on these connections to give remote employees access to private systems.

For server users, the impact of Windows Server failures was even more severe, as IT operations staff found that Windows Server 2012 experienced cyclic reboots and VPN client failures after installing the KB5009555 update. In addition, hard drives with the ReFS file system became inaccessible and appeared in the system as RAW format.

Microsoft released OOB update to address issues

Thankfully, this issue has been resolved with an out-of-band update marked KB5010795, which is now available for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2016. and L2TP VPN, be sure to update Windows to resolve the issue.

ood update announcement

Here are the update version numbers for different systems:

  • Windows 11: KB5010795
  • Windows Server 2022: KB5010796
  • Windows 10 21H2, 21H1, 20H2, 20H1: KB5010793
  • Windows Server 20H2, 20H1: KB5010793
  • Windows 10 1909, Windows Server 1909: KB5010792
  • Windows 10 1809, Windows Server 1809 / 2019: KB5010791
  • Windows 7 SP1: KB5010798