By Delia / Last update January 18, 2022

Almost every month, Microsoft brings some new experience to the Edge browser, such as the latest introduction of YouTube integration. This feature seems to be part of Microsoft's efforts to integrate RSS mentions into the browser, with related content appearing in the Favorites pane of Microsoft Edge.

microsoft edge

Microsoft Edge will allow users to follow creators of contents

To be precise, Microsoft is working on a feature that will allow users to use Chromium Edge to follow the creators of content that users like the most. By adding the follow button to the URL address bar, users can then easily click to access the content.

Currently, Microsoft is opening A/B rounds of testing, so those who interested can download and install on the Edge Canary branch. The feature seems to be enabled by default, so you do not need to make additional settings, just visit the YouTube channel to try it out.

edge youtube integration

As the image shows, Microsoft is trying to add Followable RSS feeds to the traditional "Favorites" menu. This feature will be useful when users visit RSS-enabled sites.

Later, when you browse a YouTube creator or site you already follow, the Edge browser will show a list of recently updated favorites in the right-hand "Favorites" pane (provided the site/tube channel has been added to the list).

There will also be a new Discover tab in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft also seems to be experimenting with a new "Discover" tab, which, unlike Google Chrome, allows Microsoft Edge to discover similar sites and content via Bing.

This feature is also currently limited to the A/B round of testing for Edge Canary, and when it rolls out in phases, the newly introduced discovery tab will be accessible with a click of a new button.