By Delia / Last update February 24, 2022

In the PC browser market, Google Chrome has always been the dominant browser, but Apple Safari, which is in second place, is facing the crisis of being overtaken. According to the data of a recent report provided by StatCounter, the market share of Microsoft Edge is about to surpass that of Safari and take the second position in the world.

microsoft edge

From the data, Edge is currently used on 9.54% of PCs worldwide, only 0.3% behind Safari's 9.84%. At the same time, unlike the rise of Edge browser's data in recent months, Safari's data has seen a significant decline. As this trend continues, Safari's market share will gradually fall to the third place in the following months and be overtaken by Edge.

startcounter global stats

In fact, if we only look at the regional segmentation data, Edge has successfully overtaken Safari in Asia and Europe and sat in the second position.

In Asia, Edge's market share is 7.46%, which is 2.05% higher than Safari's 5.41%; while in Europe, Edge has a 10.9% share over Safari's 9.95%, with the same obvious advantage.

startcounter global stats 2

Edge browser can achieve the current results, in addition to its own gradual optimization of functions in the update, Safari's own reputation decline is also one of the reasons. In recent years, Safari has been criticized for its bugs, user experience and website compatibility, and was even accused by users of being the "new IE" not long ago, which shows its poor evaluation among users.