By Delia / Last update March 4, 2022

Microsoft is developing a new tool "performance detector" to make the Microsoft Edge browser for Windows 11 and Windows 10 run faster. The performance detector feature will help browser users debug performance issues caused by common problems such as running multiple windows or tabs.

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Microsoft Edge performance detector

The performance detector will be able to find any problems caused by unnecessary tabs or the use of extensions that can hog bandwidth. Once opened, the tool will be able to monitor the operation of Edge. It is not clear exactly how this feature works, but it is possible that Edge will notify users when a tab is actively using resources and disable features such as sleep tabs.

Similarly, Microsoft Edge will detect potential problems with the browser's extensions and other features and recommend actions to be performed to fix them for users of Windows 10 and Windows 11. Microsoft will not make changes to the browser directly, but will only provide recommendations to users, which means that users can enable or disable the suggested features.

The tool will run alongside the existing Microsoft Edge efficiency mode, which is designed to help users extend battery life by minimizing the amount of power and system resources used by the browser. This is accomplished through a number of features, including setting the background tab to sleep mode after five minutes of inactivity and fading out the sleep tab to save memory and CPU usage. This is especially beneficial for users who are running other applications or games at the same time, or have multiple browser tabs open.

Performance detector is currently available for beta testers in the Microsoft Edge Canary program, which means it should get a wider public release soon, although no specific information is available yet.

Other new features of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is testing a new full-screen mode button for Edge. The new full-screen mode can be enabled from the PDF browsing screen, and Edge's latest feature hides the toolbar and fits documents to fill the screen.

Full-screen mode is available through a test channel and will begin rolling out to more users soon.

In addition to these quality improvements, Microsoft Edge has recently gained support for the Edge Bar and some new features.