By Delia / Last update December 28, 2021

Microsoft released the Edge browser based on Chromium kernel in 2020, and then every month Microsoft will provide feature updates for the new version of Edge browser, which is a web-based product to which Microsoft attaches considerable importance.

Currently, Edge browser has very good support for PDF reading, such as support for PIDF editor, support for PDF password generator, support for vertical tabs, better control of tracking or notification, etc. Now, Edge browser has a new feature improvement in PDF.


Now you can capture full page for PDF

In early 2021, Microsoft added a screenshot feature in Edge browser, which allows users to take screenshots of web pages. However, the function does not support PDF documents, and now Microsoft has started to improve the function to make it work for PDF.

It is understood that Microsoft did not develop a new screenshot tool for PDF alone, but decided to improve the screenshot function of the Edge browser now to achieve support for PDF. From Edge Canary version 99.0.1111.0, you can take a full-screen screenshot of PDF documents with multiple pages.

How to capture screenshot of PDF using Edge

If you want to experience the feature first, then you need to download the Canary version of Edge browser, and then you can find the corresponding option. After opening a PDF document, click the browser menu and select Screenshot to open the screenshot tool, which allows you to capture the content of the PDF document.

edge web capture pdf

Of course, you can also use Ctrl + Shift + S shortcut keys to activate the screenshot tool. You can select the area you want to capture in the screenshot process, and once you have taken the screenshot, another menu will pop up for adding comments. Users can also paint on the screenshot with various colors, which is very convenient.

At present, Edge browser's function of PDF screenshot is still in the testing stage, and the function may be officially released in January or February next year, when users will be able to test it fully.

In addition, Microsoft also carries out a big upgrade related to Windows clipboard for the new Edge browser. According to the media, Microsoft's documents show that the new API allows users to copy and paste a wide variety of files between the browser and local applications in Windows 10 or Windows 11. However, it has not yet been determined when the feature will go live.