By Delia / Last update December 15, 2021

KB5007205 for Windows Server 2022 fixes some app issues

On November 9, 2021, Microsoft released cumulative update KB5007205 for Windows Server 2022, an important security update that also brings some quality improvements. The changelog notes that it addresses an issue where some applications may show unexpected results when rendering some user interface elements or drawing within an application. This issue may be encountered in applications that use GDI+ and set pen objects with zero (0) width on monitors with high resolution (DPI), or when the application uses the zoom feature.

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It may also cause Microsoft Defender for Endpoint failure

Unfortunately, while fixing this issue, which is inconsequential to most people, this update comes with a number of known issues, one of which is also security related.

After installing KB5007205, administrators may find that Microsoft Defender for Endpoint not start or run on devices with Windows Server Core installed.

The following systems are currently affected.

Windows Server 2019 with the KB5007206 (or later) update installed

Windows Server 2022 with the KB5007205 (or later) update installed


Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, an enterprise endpoint security platform that helps enterprise users with network prevention, monitoring, investigation, and response to high-level threats, is extremely important for Windows Server 2022, a server system primarily targeted at enterprise users.

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The good news is that Microsoft has confirmed the bug and responded that a solution is being worked on and that the issue will be officially fixed in a new version of the patch to be released later.

Both the KB5007206 and KB5007205 cumulative updates were released this month, and they also bring other issues - including Windows Installer causing apps to not work after updating or repairing them. and errors when trying to connect to shared printers, among others. The latter has been fixed by Microsoft in the optional cumulative update KB5007253, released yesterday