By Delia / Last update January 19, 2022

Microsoft has been revamping Fluent Design across all of its applications and platforms. A few months ago, they introduced Fluent Design-based emojis in Windows 11, now they want to extend the new emoji system to applications like Microsoft Teams.

Emoji based on fluent design

Microsoft revealed the new emoji emoji system on systems like Windows 11 back last year, which includes more than 1,800 emoji redesigned based on Fluent Design. As you can see from the images, Microsoft opted for a 3D design instead of 2D and chose to animate most of the emojis.

fluent design emoji

Microsoft has been working to add the new Fluent Design-based emoji system to a variety of software. The original plan was to come to Microsoft Teams at the end of last year, and then to Yammer, Outlook, and others this year. Now it seems that the new emoji system based on smooth design has already landed on Microsoft 365, Windows and other platforms, but for some reasons, Teams, which was supposed to launch the feature to users in November 2021, has been delayed so far.

The good thing is that Teams users won't have to wait too long, because the Microsoft 365 roadmap page shows that the new emoji system will be available to Microsoft Teams users in February 2022. But Microsoft has not yet provided a specific go-live date.

By bringing it to Teams, Microsoft is taking a step closer to achieving consistency across all platforms and application designs.