By Delia / Last update February 24, 2022

Has your computer been successfully upgraded to Windows 11? If yes, congratulations, you can experience a different user interface and some new features from Windows 10. But the upgrade is just the beginning, just like the previous OS, Windows 11 may also have problems due to some wrong settings or improper installation of software or updates. If you can't fix the problem and don't want to do a fresh installation, resetting the computer is the way to go. So how do you reset your computer to factory settings in Windows 11?

You can use the Reset this PC feature inherited from Windows 10, regardless of whether your computer can still boot into Windows or not. Here are two different approaches for you to follow.

windows 11

Notes before resetting Windows 11

♦ Reset offers the option to keep your files in user folders and the apps installed by manufacturer. So if you don't want to lose any important data, please make a backup before resetting.

♦ System resets can take quite a long time, so make sure you don't have any urgent work that needs to be done with your computer before you start, and keep your computer powered on during the reset.

How to reset your computer while logged into Windows 11

1. If you still boot your computer normally and log into Windows, then you can simply open the Start menu, click on the Settings app, and select “System” on the left.

2. On the System settings screen, scroll down to find the click into “Recovery” option.


3. In the recovery screen, click the "Reset PC" button on the Reset this PC box to start the reset.

reset this pc

4. A pop-up window will appear, giving you the option to keep your files or not. Make your choice as needed.

  • Keep my files: Remove apps and settings, but keep your personal files
  • Delete everything: Deletes all of your personal files, apps, and settings

Note: Selecting the "Keep my files" option may allow problems that cause system errors to persist. If the computer problem is serious and the cause is unknown, it is recommended to select "Remove everything" after backing up important data.

keep or remove files

5. Then you can choose the way to install Windows.

  • Cloud download: Download and reinstall Windows
  • Local reinstallation: Reinstall Windows from this device

6. Usually you can choose to reinstall locally, but if you want to install the latest version of Windows 11, you can also choose to download it from the cloud.

cloud download or local reinstall

7. You can check (or change) the current settings in the Additional Settings screen. If there is no problem, you can keep the default settings and just click “Next” button.

additional settings

8. You will then be informed of the general process of resetting and what the result will be. Click the "Reset" button to start the reset.

ready to reset this pc

How to reset your computer without logging into Windows 11

1. You can also start resetting Windows 11 from the recovery environment. Here is a tip to do so without recovery drive: first start your computer, press and hold the power button to turn it off when the Windows logo appears, and then turn on your computer again. Repeat this process, when Windows fails to start 3 times, it will automatically enter the recovery environment.


2. Click "Troubleshoot" > "Reset this PC" to start the reset setup process.

reset this pc from boot

3. Similarly, after setting up the installation method, Windows will remind you of the next process and the result. Click "Reset" to start resetting your Windows 11 PC.

start reset from boot

This is how to reset Windows 11 PC to factory settings, which usually solves most of your system problems.