By Delia / Last update January 19, 2022

God Mode helps you to access settings easily

So far, the public's evaluation of Windows 11 is mixed. On the one hand, Win11 has made significant changes in the overall UI design and other aspects; on the other hand, there are no major feature updates, and settings options and features available in older versions are now missing in Windows 11.

In addition, there is one more major drawback, which is that the steps to enable the use of many common features in Windows 11 have changed significantly. Windows 11 tries to lead you to a new, more modern settings menu while hiding but not eliminating the old-style Control Panel, which still contains many important options. This leads to the possibility that after a while you may still not find (or have to go through a tedious path to find) the access to a frequently used feature.

windows 11

For example, if you often need to access the computers of other workmates on your LAN during your workday, sometimes you may have access problems that prevent you from accessing them properly, and you need to check certain network sharing options on your system.

In previous versions of Windows, it was very easy to do this by double-clicking "Network" on the desktop, and then clicking "Network and sharing center" in the menu above to check the advanced sharing settings.

And in Windows 11, if you do this, you will find that there is no "Change advanced sharing settings" feature. Instead, you need to change the menu view in the upper-right corner of Control Panel to "small icons", and then click "Network and sharing center" to find "Change advanced sharing settings" and so on.

This may not seem very complicated, but it takes significantly more time to complete, which is obviously contrary to the idea that the entrance to common and important functions should be simple and straightforward.

If you have similar complaints, the easiest way to solve them is to enable "God Mode". It doesn't make you invincible like in video games, but it does allow you to create a folder with a list of shortcuts to frequently used settings. This enables you to access settings such as printers or Bluetooth with a single click.

How to enable Gode Mode in Windows 11

To enable "God Mode" in Windows 11, simply right-click in a blank area of the desktop and click "New" -> "Folder" to create a new folder.

create new folder

Then name the folder "GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}". If done correctly, the file name will disappear. And the folder icon may change to the Control Panel icon at some point.

folder icon

When you enter this folder, you will find more than 200 shortcuts to the settings menu available. They are listed in separate categories. If you want to have easier access to only a few of the frequently used settings screens, you can also drag their shortcuts to the desktop.

windows 11 god mode settings list

Despite the name "God Mode", this feature is not illegal or dangerous, it just brings a whole set of settings into one convenient location, and you can manage or delete it at will. However, from the user's point of view, they would definitely prefer a more convenient and easily accessible settings menu provided by future versions of Windows.