By Delia / Last update December 30, 2021

In Windows 11, many classic features of Windows 10 have been inherited, such as Game Mode. This mode can automatically optimize your system to improve the gaming performance when it detects an ongoing game. So how should you enable Game Mode in Windows 11 to improve the performance?

windows 11

What is Game Mode

Game Mode originated with the Windows 10 Creators Update in 2017 and prioritizes game processes as they run, ideally allowing them to run faster with fewer performance issues.

Game Mode also temporarily prevents Windows from updating to install drivers or asking to restart your PC, which may interrupt your game play.

Steps to set up Game Mode in Windows 11

1. First we open the Start menu and then go to "Settings".

2. Then go to "Gaming" settings in the left column.

3. Then enter "Game Mode" setting under the gaming option.

locate game mode

4. Here you can toggle on or off Game Mode, and customize settings by clicking "Graphics" option under Relevant settings.

enable game mode

5. In Graphics page, you can find the specific game you want to set up, click it, and select "Options" to optimize its graphics preference.

For example, you can check "High Performance" box and click "Save" to improve the game performance. Or you can choose "Let Windows decide" to better fit your computer's configuration.

Does Windows 11 Game Mode cause problems?

In rare cases, the game mode may cause performance problems when used. If this is the case, you can easily turn it off in the Gaming –> Game Mode settings. Otherwise, you can keep using Game Mode safely, as it is only active when Windows 11 detects that you are playing a gam