By Delia / Last update March 1, 2022

Elden Ring has finally launched and many players have purchased the game, and have begun their experiences. Unfortunately, compared to the well-received game content, Elden Ring currently suffers from lag, frame drops, low FPS and some other optimization issues in general. In particular, many Windows 10 users encountered a white screen crash when starting the game, resulting in the inability to start playing normally.

elden ring

So how to solve this problem? Here are some of the solutions we have collected.

Elden Ring system requirements

First of all, Elden Ring has relatively high system requirements. Please check if your computer meets the official minimum requirements before running.

elden ring system requirements

How to fix Elden Ring white screen error

1. Update the GPU driver

Please check that the graphics drivers on your PC are up to date. You can either find the dedicated graphics card in Device Manager and choose to search for drivers automatically, or you can manually download and install the latest version of GPU drivers from the manufacturer's website.

Currently Nvidia has released a Game Ready driver for Elden Ring. The version is 511.79, which can be downloaded here or directly through GeForce Experience.

AMD has also released a driver for Elden Ring. This version is Adrenalin 22.2.3 optional. You can download it by clicking here or through AMD auto detection.

3. Make sure you are using a dedicated GPU

Set your PC's preferred graphics processor in your GPU control panel. Make sure you are using a dedicated GPU in your system and not an integrated GPU.

1. Search for "Graphic settings" and open it from the results.

2. Browse for the app you want to set preference. Here you should find Elden Ring from the list.

graphic settings

3. After adding the app, click "Options" below it, and choose to run it in "High performance".

high performance

Save the settings, then the game should run with dedicated GPU.

Alternatively, you could set the graphics preference from the control panel of the GPU, NVIDIA Control Panel, for example.

4. Uninstall Epic Games Launcher

This may sound strange, since Elden Ring isn't even in the Epic Games Store. But there does seem to be some conflict between the two, and quite a few users have confirmed that removing or updating Epic Games Launcher fixed Elden Ring's white screen issue.

5. Remove Steam and Discord overlays

Many players reported that disabling overlays for apps like Steam and Discord solved the white screen issue.

To disable Steam overlay:

Launch Steam and enter “Library”.

Right-click on Elden Ring and choose “Properties”.

Next, go to “General” tab and uncheck “Enable the Steam Overlay while in game”.

steam overlay

To disable Discord overlay:

Open Discord and click the gear icon to enter user settings.

Go to “Game Overlay” under the “Activity” section.

Toggle off the "Enable in-game overlay” option.

discord overlay


6. Check DirectX 12 v12.0 support

You can also check if your GPU supports DirectX 12 version 12.0. many older cards have dx12 version 11.0, which seems to cause Elden Ring to have a white screen error.

1. Search for "dxdiag" from the Windows taskbar and press Enter

2. Click on the "Display 1" tab

3. Look for "Feature Levels" under "Drivers". You need to be at least "12_0" or higher to run Elden Ring.

directx 12 v12

If you do not have version 12_0 or higher, unfortunately, you will not be able to play Elden Ring and the white screen problem will remain. If you do have versions 12_0 and 12_1 and still have the Elden Ring white screen, then DirectX 12 is not the problem.

These are some of the solutions we know have worked for some players, hope they can solve your problem. The performance of Elden Ring on PC is still in pretty bad shape, and Bandai Namco promises that they will provide patches to solve many of the problems in the near future. So if the above methods don't solve your problem, maybe just be patient for a while.