By Delia / Last update January 26, 2022

Microsoft Edge is trying to reduce browser clutter by shifting some quick actions to a new optional right sidebar menu. This new sidebar will house features such as the Games panel and the Discovery tab, which were previously accessible through a dedicated menu in the toolbar.

Originally released in 2020, Microsoft's new Edge browser has been updated with vertical tabs, favorites and other features. To get more users to switch from Chrome, Microsoft is now introducing a new sidebar that could be the perfect way to play games, monitor network connections and more.

microsoft edge

Microsoft is testing the new browser's right sidebar in its Canary development channel, and it appears to be rolling out only to select users. The sidebar includes five quick actions or buttons. Explore, Microsoft Rewards, Internet Speed Test, Games, and Microsoft 365.

edge canary source

Explore is a new feature that will allow you to discover relevant websites, and it may be based on the upcoming RSS feeds. Based on early screenshots of the feature, it looks like Explore for Microsoft Edge will be a new way to keep track of other content posted on the web.

edge microsoft rewards


The second quick action is Microsoft Rewards, which will allow users to track and manage their Rewards points. The third option launches Bing's Web-based tool to test the performance of your Internet connection.

As mentioned at the beginning, Microsoft Edge's new sidebar will also house a games panel that will allow users to play MSN's web games, such as Solitaire and Mahjong Arcade. Notably, the Games panel will simply redirect you to MSN's website, and you'll also be able to open the new panel from the browser's main menu.

games panel

Clicking on a game will launch the MSN game in another tab, instead of playing the game in the panel itself. Keep in mind that this feature is being tested in Edge Canary, so it is possible that the Games panel will gain support for other features in the future.

Note that if you don't like having a menu on the right side of the browser window, you can also disable the feature on the Appearance tab in Edge Settings.